Download InstaUltra APK version 0.9.7 and enjoy quirky features

In a modern world, where connectivity is key, Instagram has a unique place in this realm of social media. But as you know, there are many features that a user wants but these features are absent in an official application.

But the new application named “instagram ultra” is introduced to cope with the needs of the users. This modified version of Instagram is full of features that will elevate your social media experience to new heights. The official application is modified for the users to meet their needs. This modded version of Instagram contains a unique bundle of features that will amaze you.

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52 Mbs




Android v4.1 or Up





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10hours ago

As I said, the app is feature-paced. It contains so many features that they cannot be counted. Some of its amazing features are given below:

 Name Tag option

You know that if you search for any profile on the search bar of Instagram, there are many other profiles with the same name. The user finds it difficult to reach the original profile which he wants. Because he is trapped by other profiles with the same names. The “name tag” option is introduced in this modified version to nullify this problem. Enabling this option will create a name tag or QR code for you. In simple words, any user can now access your profile merely by scanning the QR code. It will save one from a headache that he/she might face in searching your name. This function will increase your followers rapidly.

 Hide online status 

If you want to set the availability of your time, if you want to avoid conversations because you have no time. You don’t want to let your friends know that you are online. This modified version of instagram will meet your requirements. By enabling “advanced settings”, you can also hide your online status. This option will resolve your many issues. Because you can now set your availability for yourself on the application.

 Download stories 

It is another unique feature that is not present in the official version. You can download the stories which you want only by clicking once. This is a unique feature that also separates this application from others. You can now download the Media with super ease by selecting a single option. 

Exclusive features of InstaUltra APK
  •  Copy the remark and bio from the profile. 
  • Save every picture with a single click. 
  • Remove the read tick. Shortcuts and Theming. 
  • Conceal the view status. 
  • Copy the URLs and enlarge the profile image. 

 Everything application in the digital realm has its unique features as well as its limitations. Here, we are discussing the quirky features first.

  • You can view the full profile picture of any account which you want.
  •  The user can download the reels and other videos in a single click.
  • A user of this instagram modded version can also customize the interface and themes.
  • This application requires at least RAM of “2 GB” or above.
  •  This InstaUltra mod requires the Android 4.1 version or above
  •  If you are an iOS user, you should be aware of the fact that Instagram ultra runs smoothly on version 14.0 and up.
Download and install the Instagram ultra apk file

The changelogs for the latest version of instaultra are as follows:

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