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Cool features of Instander APK

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The app is fully charged with features. There are plenty of features in it but some of them are discussed below:

Ghost Mode 

In this age of advancing the world, while you are using social media, everyone can track your performance. When you are using the social media platform, anyone can see your online status. But this feature will change all the scenario. By disabling the online status and typing option, none can see your activity. When you’re online, any person will not be able to see whether you are online or offline and typing or not. This feature will leave you “The Mysterious”. In this way, your activity can’t be tracked. You can enable this option merely by going to the settings. 


That is the name of another feature. This feature also allows you more options to supercharge your Instagram experience. When you go to the gesture option from the settings, you will see many options. You can select or allow any of your desired features. You may enable the ‘like photo by double tap’, ‘download media by triple tap’ and also the ‘video scrubber’ option. You can allow all of these features according to your own desire. In other words, Instander mod APK allows you to set your profile according to your own needs. 

Cool features of Instander APK

Downloading Media 

You enjoy many videos, reels and photos on Instagram. You want to download those media like photos or reels, but the official application does not give this option. But you need not worry about it, because this instagram mod APK has got you covered. Yes! You can download any type of media with super ease. When you click on the three dots option,you will see another option on which the “download” is mentioned. When you hit that option, a particular reel or video will be downloaded to your mobile’s gallery. You can also share it with your close ones.

Close Friends List 

Here is another feature that is modified in this application. Sometimes, you want to share media with your closest friends. You want to share the media with a particular group of friends. So this option will minimize your effort. You can make a close friends list by using this feature. Summarizing the feature, you can also make changes by adding or removing the members in that group. Another feature that will amaze you is that if you remove any member from the list, that ex-member will not be notified. Also the members of that group will not be aware of the changes that you make. 

Cool features of Instander APK

Hide Message Receipts

As I said that the app is fully charged with features. So here is another feature to charge your experience. When any unknown person sends you a message, you can read it without letting the sender know. In other words, he will not get blue ticks. He will not be aware of the fact that you had read his message. This feature is especially useful if you want to enhance your privacy. 

Wider Search Content

With the IGTV option, you can explore the world’s most popular and followed celebrities and leaders. You can discover a wide range of topics, many blogs on almost every category ranging from food to travel. If you want to enjoy the videos and reels that are most watched then the option is for you. This option will widen the content of your search.

The app has many prons. On the other hand, there are also some cons for this application. First of all, we will discuss the pros.

  • Instander APK latest version is ads free. 
  • It has also inbuilt downloader that will help you to download media.
  • You can upload high quality images as well as videos. 
  •  Video scrubber is also an option in this application.
  • This application requires an Android 9+ version. If you want to download on Android 5+, you can also visit instagram lite.
  • Instander APK version 17.0 requires at least 2 GB ram to work smoothly. 
  • The app is devoid of app lock.

How to download and install Instander latest version 

● The file will begin to download when you click the download button. 
● Give a file permission to be downloaded. 
● Await a short while for the download to finish. 
● Next, install the file by going to your mobile device’s APK folder. 
● After the file has been installed, sign in to your account. 
● Take use of the free premium features. 

In conclusion, Instander APK provides a compelling option for Instagram users seeking additional features and customization. By downloading it, you can supercharge your Instagram experience and will remain connect with the whole world. In order to enjoy the features, download the application by just clicking on the download button below.

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