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GB Instagram




Atnafs Hoaks




Android v4.1 or Up



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There are many features of GB Instagram APK. Some of its unique features are given below:

Download media with ease

As you know the official Instagram is not at all appropriate which properly entertaining for it’s users. The gb instagram apka mod is effecient and have more effective features with respect to the official Instagram app. The modified version of the Instagram which entertain it’s user very well than its official version. The very first feature of this modified version of the official Instagram is that we can download all what we want. So it is helpful for it’s users to save their interests with no hesitation difficulty. The best feature is modified in it.

Multiple Accounts

As we all know the world is going to more conservative. Every person want to arrange his things according to place to place. Like one wants to made his accounts as per his works and other one wants to make it for family purpose. So it might be clear to us that many of us want multiple accounts to fulfill our multi-purposes. Instagram apk mod giving us this fantastic feature. Instagram mod apk is fulfilling our these needs by entertaining us with the multiple accounts. One can deal it with business purposes and on the other hand it can be helpful for our social life ensurance. So, download the app Instagram apk mod to get these remarkable features. So you can get your both accounts separately and can deal them as what u want.

Preview of full screen post

Everyone is going to curious after posting his/her posts like how will it be on others phone. In posts there are pictures, vedios and other types of audios which will be watch from switch side. So, Instagram mod apk giving us this feature to make our posts more attractive towards our friends by giving them full screen preview. It will give more attraction to the people of other side. So, it will be useful in this sense also.


GB Instagram mod apk is the third party. You can not download it from the play store so you might can be think about it that it is not safe or reliable for its users. But here it should be clear that GB Instagram apk mod is safe and reliable for you and your information. It can’t damage your information in any of the way. It will be more of those sites is secure to use this.

Auto-translater Feature

When the social media or apps which are working all over the world, we make our contact with others who may be from other countries with of others languages. So understanding these new languages which are not possible. Then it will required third party to translate like Google translator. It will be time taking for you. It will consume your precious time. In this app there is auto- translater to translate any language. It is on just a click aside.

Ghost mode

This is era of global village. Everyone has access to others accounts of social media. Some of us not satisfied from this fact. They need a privacy account or some privacy hacks to get more fun without knowing their friends. There is ” ghost mode ” in this app. You can on this from the settings. It can gives you the privacy of being not seen the stories of your friend but you already seen it. You can enjoy more of these kinds of privacies on this app.

Support of external player

The official Instagram apk is not giving this facility to it’s users to involve a third party, which can help them to make their vedios on the other media player with more efficient voices and more of the good results. It can directly cause the more good results when the vedio,audio or a post will filter out the exact content. GB Instagram is giving us these features with more effectiveness. It will give more good results to its users.

Post and audio costumization

When we take pictures of make our stories in form of vedio,we want a third party involved to make them edited. There is also a feature in GB Instagram mod apk to edit your pictures and stories in just of the few clicks. There will be no third party required to make editted your pictures and stories because these all features are just one click away from you.


  • This app has many of the kinds of themes. You can accommodate these themes according to your requirements.
  • Sometimes you have to find out your important stuff from the thousands of messages. In this app you can mark up all yours these messages.
  • Many of the apps workings are covered in this single app. All costumizations, editings are done with the help of this app.


  • There will be 5.0 or above android required to run this featured app in your phone.
  • There will be two GB ram required to get entertained from this scincilating app.

GB Instagram, which is well-known for being a modified version of the original Instagram, has a ton of interesting tools and improved functionality. With this edition, users can easily download different kinds of media, preview images, and copy links related to postings.

GB Instagram claims to be completely secure. While many people prefer Instagram’s modified APK version, others think that these apps just serve as a gateway for viruses and malware to spread.

A modified version of the original program called GBInstagram makes it easier to share your photos, videos, and narratives on social media. You will also be able to download pictures from a private or public account. Compared to the original Instagram version, it includes extra features.

Can you, then, see who visits your Instagram account? No, is the succinct response. Users of Instagram are unable to see who has viewed their profile. Therefore, there’s no way for someone to know who views their photographs if you browse through their profile and choose not to like or comment on a post.

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