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In the ever-evolving realm of social media, many social platforms have been introduced. Instagram is one of those platforms. There are more than five billion users of instagram all over the world. Every user has its expectations from the platform. Sometimes, it happens that the feature you want is not present in the official application. Users can not enjoy the experience of social media if their wanted feature is not present in the platform they are using.

To cater to this problem, AeroInsta has been introduced by the developers. This aero insta apk has bundles of features that are not present in simple Instagram. There are bundle of features in this modded version that will elevate your experience. your data. This insta aer apk allows you to download media, enjoy ghost mode, optimize your profile and much more. You will be amazed to see its unique and great number of features.

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MOD Features






Current Version



Android v4.1 or Up




Improve the quality of reel uploads (AeroInsta Settings >> Stories >> Improve reel upload quality) is the latest update.


You can watch live broadcasts in private without the stream owners knowing by using this technique (AeroInsta Settings >> Privacy >> Hide view live).


 “Enable notes feature” has been added (Aero Privileges >> General).


 Turn on the “Story viewers’ search bar” function (Aero Privileges >> General).


Aero Privileges >> Stories now has the option to “Sound indicator icon in stories.”


 Several font styles have been updated.


The NEON font style now has a font style modifier (AeroInsta Settings >> Stories >> NEON font) added.


 Custom URL address with a blue tick (verified badge) (AeroInsta Settings >> Verified account).


 Long tap to see the commenter’s profile photo.


 A more reliable adblocker is an improvement.

Download insta aero apk

Built-in app Browser

While using Instagram, sometimes, you read the information or get the information for which you want more details. But as you know, on the application, all the details are not present. You have to read an article on this topic to get through with this. So, AeroInsta APK has a built-in app browser from where you can get any type of information that you want without leaving the app or without any distractions. You will be able to browse anything without leaving the insta aero apk. This feature will make your social media experience more smooth!

App Lock

Some mobiles do not provide the option to lock a particular app. A user has its privacy, you want to lock the application to maintain your privacy but are not able to do it. You have to download another app for this purpose. In order to resolve this issue, instaaero has a built-in app lock feature. By downloading the areoinsta, you will be able to lock your Instagram profile without even downloading another app. Your privacy matters a lot and by using this feature, your privacy will be well-maintained.

Download and install instaaero for free

Dark Themes

On the official version of instagram, you are bound to use only two themes that are provided by it. On the Insta Aero, you have options to set different themes according to your requirements. InstaAero APK offers you many dark themes that you can set on your instagram account. A person can’t be bored when he changes the theme and sets the theme of his favorite color. Insta aero APK offers you many dark theme colors like dark green, dark red, dark blue, and much more!!

Hide Ads

Ads cause distraction in the smooth social media experience. While you are scrolling between the posts, ads appear and cause frustration to the users. The official version of Instagram does not allow us to hide ads. So this option is also available for you in this AeroInsta APK. You can also hide the ads in this application to enhance your experience. By enabling the option from the settings, ads will hide and you will be able to use Aero Insta APK without any distraction. All these options are made available for free in this modified version of Instagram.

Download aero insta apk for free.
  • Convenient Audio-Only Launch:  With just a single tap, start listening to stories and articles.
  • Data Security: For increased security, decide whether to secure the data on your account.
  • Follow Indicator: Instantaneously determine whether someone is following you.
  • Options for Privacy: When reading stories, hide your view status.
  • One-Click Downloads: Save posts, reels, videos, and stories with ease.
  • Hide Favorite Posts: Take control of your internet persona by concealing your favorite posts.
  • Copy Text and Comments: You can quickly copy any profile’s text and comments.
  • Multiple Downloads: Download several kinds of files simultaneously.
  • Personalization: Apply distinct themes to different app screens.
  • Block Instagram and Notifications: From within the app, block Instagram and notifications.
  • Developments in Ad Blocking: Not all ads will be blocked; some may still show up.
  • Restricted Theme Selection: There is a small selection of themes with little room for personalization.
  • Stability of Functionality: In comparison to the official Instagram app, some functionalities may not be as dependable.
  • Unusual Updates: It’s possible that frequent Instagram updates won’t always be accepted.
  • Limited Official Support: It’s possible that Instagram does not officially support AeroInsta.
  • Security Risks: You may be subject to security risks if you use customized applications like AeroInsta.

We are here to help you to get this app for free. These are the steps that you should follow in order to enjoy this app. These are given below:

  • Click on download button and wait for few seconds for a file to be downloaded.
  •  Yes, here you go.
  • After downloading the AeroInsta APK, go to file manager of your mobile and open the folder named as “apk”.
  • Open the recent downloaded apk file, install it by giving it permissions from your settings.
  •  After installation, login to your account.
  • Now enjoy the paid features for free.

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